Errata list for the book Sasanian Silver Coins by Yngve Karlsson, ISBN 9789198234107

The errors found in this book so far (2020):

Please contact me via mail: ”yngve (at) mixtum (dot) se” if you find more errors.

p. xiii, In ”Author´s Preface”, Kenneth Sheedy is noted as the Gunnar Holst medallist
for 2010, but it was Gert Rispling who received the medal that year. I have apologized to
Gert and we both agreed that next time Kenneth comes to Gothenburg we will propose that
the medal will be given to him.

p. 75, right column, second paragraph: ”...Wahram managed to stay alive...”,
should be: ”...Wistahm managed to stay alive...”

p. 83, Appendix 3c. The regnal year 22 should end wih the letters ”...wys”, with the short
vertical stroke for ”w”.

p. 84, Appendix 3d. There is a typo in the transliteration of the regnal year 32. There
should be a small dot under the last letter (h), just as for the other words ending with ”thirty”.

p. 91. Weh-Kawad does not seem to have been a city, but an administrative district.

p. 104, coin D32. Mint should be read BN.

p. 105, coin D43. According to Stefan Heidemann this is a Hephthalite imitation, may be from the Gandhara area.

p. 106, coin D54. The type for this coin should be SNS Ic/1b.

p. 107, coin D61. This coin should be listed as Kawad I, first reign. The mint ST for Stakr in
Fars is correct, but the coin is in fact undated. I am grateful to Robert Schaaf, who reported this error.

p. 108, coin D68. Mint should be read BST (Stefan Heidemann).

p. 109, coin D75. The regnal year for this coin should be 42 (Stefan Heidemann).

p. 110, coin D82. The regnal year for this coin should be 13 (Stefan Heidemann).

General comments:
In the catalogue there are several coins of Khusro II, which are listed as type IIIa and IIIb.
These types do not correspond to the types given in Göbl SN. Instead read these as IIxa and
IIxb, where a and b refer to the two variants given in the main chapter for Khusro II.

In appendix 5, Geography – Cities and provinces there are som issues to be discussed.
Ardashir-khwarrah is listed as a city, but was instead a larger administrative unit with the
city Gor as its capital. The same probably goes for Kawad-khwarrah, where the capital
was Karzin (Karazin).