Errata et corrigenda for the book ”Arabosasanidische Numismatik”
by Heinz Gaube, Klinkhardt & Biermann – Braunschweig, 1973.

Last updated 2018-04-05

The book by Gaube is 45 years old as this errata list is compiled. Some of the comments below are
due to new research, not available to Gaube. Despite the age of the book there is a lot of useful
information in it, that is still valid and hard to find elsewhere.

p. 64, 3.2.12. In the title the name ”Abdarraham”, should be ”Abdarrahman”.

p. 68, 3.2.18. The issues from the year 65 that Gaube has some problems with, are in fact issued by
al-Harith b. Abd Allah. The names are very similar when written in pahlavi script.

p. 68, 3.2.20. (Kahtan), unknown to Gaube is Qahtan b. Uttab, who minted in Harat only, in year 67H

p. 68, 3.2.22. This signature should be read Numayra b. Malik instead of al-Mugira b. al-Muhallab.

p. 84, 4.2.3. Last section: AFTZWT, should be AFZWT.

p. 87, 4.2.9. This signature should read AKWLA for al-Kufa,

p. 92, This signature should read GLM for Garm in Kirman.

p. 154, coin 1. The mint does not read APR (5.1). The closest I can get is the reading SKSTN,
but I am not quite satisfied.

p. 154, coin 28. Gaube has not observed the extra letter ”G” by the altar, which denotes Jahrum.

p. 154, coin 30. Gaube reads the mint ”DARA?”, but I read ”DA+GAL”, which would be Jahrum.

p. 155, coin 64. The year should be 73H.

p. 155, coin 71. Gaube reads the year 26 and the mint ART, none of which are consistent with Salm
b. Ziyad. I would like to place this coin in Herat and propose that it is an imitation.

p. 156, coin 107. Gaube reads this as ARM (7.1), but argues against the old connection to Armenia.
I see no support for this reading and would rather like to suggest an engraver's error for AHM.
In any way we end up in Hamadan.


Tafel 7, Prägeherren, 18.1. This is the signature of al-Harith Abd Allah, not listed by Gaube.

Tafel 7, Prägeherren, 20. This signature should be read KATAN AWTAB, for Qahtan b. Uttab.

Tafel 8, Prägeherren, 22. This signature should read MAYLA Y MALKAN, for Numayra b. Malik

Tafel 8, Prägeherren, 23. Signature and transliteration do not match. First name in transliteration
should read: MWHALPN. The second name in the signature could end ”AN” or ”AAN”. The
signature however is, as written by Gaube, somewhere in between these two spellings.

Tafel 8, Prägeherren, 29. Signature and transliteration do not match. First word in transliteration
should read PYLWCW.

Tafel 8, Prägeherren, 39. Signature and transliteration do not match. Last name in transliteration
should read: AWBYTALAN

Tafel 8, Prägeherren, 44. Signature and transliteration do not match. First word in transliteration
should read HALYTW

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 6. Like several other authors Gaube transliterates this as ARCN, but it
should be SLCN for an uncertain palce in Kirman, maybe Sirjan.

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 9. ATRA, as given by Gaube should be transliterated AKWLA, for al-Kufa

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 16.1 and 16.2. The first three letters should read GLM for Garm in Kirman.

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 24.2. As written by Gaube 24.2 should read KLMAN ANW.

Tafel 9, Müntzortsigel 24.9. As written by Gaube 24.9 should read KLMAN NAT or KLMAN WAT.

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 26.1. This should be read MY for Maysan in southern Iraq.

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 30. Gaube tries to read NShP, but this is WYHC.

Tafel 9, Münzortsigel 32. Gaube tries to read RD, but this is GD for Jayy.

Dirhems der Umaiyadenzeit

Tafel 5, coin 54. This is not Khalid b. Abd Allah, but instead al-Harith b. Abd Allah.

Tafel 5, coin 59. The ID of this coin is wrong. Governor, year and mint are all wrong. The year
seems to be 70 and the mint somewhere in Kirman.