Errata et corrigenda for the book Silver Coinage of the Caliphs by A. Shams Eshragh,
ISBN 9786009091607

Last updated 2016-04-01

A number of errors have been found using this book as a reference, while writing my own book
”Silver Coins of the Muslim Caliphate”. As far as I know there is no other errata list for this book
available on the Internet. The numismatics of the Muslim Caliphate is not very well understood and
there are traps to fall into all over the place. I am sure that some of my comments and corrections
could be discussed and I welcome everyone to do so.

Please contact me via mail: ”yngve (at) mixtum (dot) se” if you find more errors or want to add to
my comments and I will update the list.

p. 18, coin 53. The mint should read SLJN. Probably Sirjan in Kirman.

p. 20, coin 61. The mint should read SLJN. Probably Sirjan in Kirman.

p. 41, coin 188 and 189. There are two errors in the transliteration of the name for both these coins.
The letter ”Y” that corresponds to the Arabic word ”bin” appears at the beginning of the second line
and not at the end of the first line as written by Eshragh. The last name in the signature should be
transliterated ”LKYTAN”.

p. 204, Details of obverse: the year is not 200, but 208

p. 295, coin 1758. The mint should read WYHJ (not NYHJ)